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Subject: Band Name

When the band first started looking for a name, everyone made suggestions as to what the name should be. We made a list of the names and passed them around to as many people as we could and tallied the results. It came down to two (2) names; "Have Another" and "Funky Monkey." However, nobody could agree on one or the other, so by merging the two names, "Have Another Monkey" was born! "Have Another Funky Monkey" was too long and we didn't want "Funky" in the name because people might think we are a funk band, which we're not. So there you have it.

More about the band...

The band made it's debut on February 1st of 2002. We have played all over California (from South Orange County, to the South Bay and up on Mammoth Mountain) as well as Reno and Las Vegas Nevada. We played at Game 6 of the World Series (which makes us 1 of only 4 bands, in all of So Cal, to be selected to play the World Series) and 2 months later, played at the LA Dodgers Christmas party! We have performed at numerous private parties, weddings and corporate functions. We are entertainment professionals that know how to have a great time! Come out to one of our shows and see for yourself!

Widest variety of music by any cover band; all of it live! No sequencers, MP3 players or backing tracks (Don't be fooled by Milli Vanilli/Karaoke bands that can't do a show without their backing tracks). Best sound system on the circuit and can play at any volume level necessary (loud or soft). We are solidly booked throughout the year (Obviously, that wouldn't be possible if we sucked!), but we are always open to new venues and new events. Take a look at our entire website... Thank you for your time...

If you have any questions, please feel free to send us an email, we would love to hear from you!